AI Match Machines

What is AI Match Machines?

AI Match Machine is a progressive artificial intelligence cryptocurrency builder.

We use an extraordinary PIF, pay it forward, strategy to amass massive amounts of primarily Bitcoin and other Altcoiins.

There are three components to our progressive AI system:

1. Instant Payouts – receive instant payouts direct to your wallet of choice.
2. PIF – we utilize a robust PIF’inn or Pay It Forward system to catapult your success (we recommend PIF’ing your first 4 or more immediately at a small cost that you get right back plus, profit and AI advancement to the next higher paying Tier for even more Instant Payouts).
3. Finally, and most important of all, our system intelligently tracks and pays all who PIF, a matching bonus that can set you financially free (we recommend you PIF 4 or more).

Here’s a quick example:

You PIF four. Your total outlay is $20.
This action completely fills your Tier 1 (you get the $20 right back so, you spent $0 or nothing to PIF four).

The $20 is used to buy you into Tier 2 where you cash out $30 (more than your PIF seed), and more importantly, it buys you an entry into Tier 3.

Tier 3 is Paid As You Go – 8 payments of $25 totalling $200. Plus, you earn a $200 entry into Tier 4.

Tier 4 is Paid As You Go – 16 payments of $75 totalling $1200. Plus, you earn a $2000 entry into the final Tier, Tier 5.

Tier 5 is Paid As You Go – 32 payments of $1250 totalling a whopping $40,000. Plus, we pay your way back in with $2000 for another Tier 5 entry (over and over again and again).

So, why do we call it Matching Machines and why use the PIF automation strategy?

You earn a matching bonus on Tier 5 for every PIF’ed or referred member.

PIF 4 – you earn over $120,000+ (your earnings and PIF matching bonus). Over and over.

PIF or refer 10 – you earn over $240,000+. Again and again.

Our AI automation handles all tracking, placements, payouts, everything.

Tier 1 (4×1) – $5 entry – payout = $0 (cycle out)
Tier 2 (4×1) – $20 entry (from profits) – payout = $30 (cycle out)
Tier 3 (8×1) – entry (from profits) – payout = $200
Tier 4 (16×1) – entry (from profits) – payout = $1200
Tier 5 (32×1) – entry (from profits) – payout = $40,000


Spillover? Yes. But, there’s a better way with AI. Here’s how it works:

Spillover does not work in the same way as a conventional matrix where sponsor referrals are placed on other levels if their current level is full. For instance, in a conventional matrix if the sponsor level 1 was full then the next referral would be placed on level 2.

In the AI Match Machines matrices, this does not happen because each matrix has only 1 level or Tier in our case.

What does happen is when a sponsors level 1 is full their next referrals are placed under their existing referrals in the matrix filling their matrix and moving them up to the next level under the sponsor.

Example: Referrals 4 and 5 would be placed under referral 1, referrals 6 and 7 would be placed under referral 2 and so on.

We know many people think they cannot refer other members but, AI Match Machines is different because, for a seed of ONLY $5, and our AI PIF automation, you have potential earnings of $120,000+ again and again, forever.

All you need to to do is to send an email to your contacts, post banners and links on traffic exchanges, facebook, twitter etc and the system sells itself, once you start your network will grow exponentially.

Sign Up HERE It’s FREE To Sign Up And Take A Look Around!



Do not make any investment decisions based on this post. This post is offered as opinion and for informational purposes only. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. I do not provide investment advice. I am not a registered investment adviser and thus cannot make any recommendations about making any currency or crypto-currency trades, etc. et al. Please use your own research, judgement and risk capital.  And as with all online opportunities do not invest capital you can’t afford to lose!


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